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Why collect?

I think I got the collecting bug from an early age, almost everyone in my family collects something ranging from pocketwatches to inkwells etc. etc. When I first 'fell in love' so to speak with the Heckflosse models I of course wanted the real thing but having no garage the next best thing I thought was to have a scale model (much easier to park ;) ). So I started to look around for models and found them at a local toy store so my very first models came from there. Of course the 'hunger' for more models grew and grew so than I came into contact with the NAMAC (the Dutch Model car Collectors Club), every two months they hold what I believe is the largest toy fair of Europe so you can imagine that my collection grew more and more. Around the same time websites like eBay and Marktplaats took their leading role on the internet so my collection quickly grew and stills grows.

The model cars of the Heckflosse alone could fill several show-cases. The diversity in scale, quality and technical possibilities are endless. The manufacturers who produced the Heckflosse at the same time as the original used mostly tin for there model cars but some were beginning to realize that plastic was easier to mold into model cars. Usually the car was friction powered or battery powered which meant you either had to put the batteries in the car itself or the car had a separate battery box connected with the car by a cable. That meant that you could steer the car by means of a steering wheel on the box.

Because the Heckflosse was favoured by taxi drivers in real life, it is no wonder that many manufacturers produced the Heckflosse as a taxi, of course in the colours that were custom in the country of manufacturer. Many manufacturers also produced the Heckflosse as a police car. These cars were usually equipped with a light on top of the car, which flashed just like the real thing. Because most of these modelcars were produced for the German market, the police cars are usually green/white coloured (the colours used by the German police).


Lately I have worked hard to update these pages and I hope you will enjoy looking at improved pictures of my collection. I also hope that this section will be used for other model car collectors not only Mercedes cars who have an interest in collecting, I would like to share knowledge with these people. So please feel free to get in touch with me, I am looking forward to hear from you! 

If you're interested in collecting Mercedes-Benz modelcars there is a club especially for the Mercedes-Benz model car collector :

the Mercedes Benz Modellauto-Club (MBMC).

The club is German of origin but other countries maintain their own sections.
Click here or on the picture below for more information about the MBMC.

Click here for the website of the MBMC

Click on a link below for a short description of the cars and a list of all model cars of the corresponding car.

The pictures you see are all cars from my own collection so no picture means it's missing from my collection.
Please note that the modelcars are arranged from small to large. There is a chance that some models do not exists as I have put them here.

As for now there are only model cars of the 4 door sedan to see !


Please keep in mind that all models you see are from my own collection and none of them are for sale!

Want to get in touch or have something model car related to say?

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