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Bandai 230S

What a lucky boy or girl would you have been in the 1960s to get this present? The box speaks for itselfs I think and doubles as a showcase as well as you can see. Bandai itself was founded in July of 1950 in Tokyo and belongs to the very few traditional manufacturers who have survived until today. Production of tin toys, however, is discontinued in the seventies. With the small special issue "Bandai-Line" produced in korea. Bandai is still represented in the tin model market until the end of the seventies. The great majority of Bandai products are marked with either a stylized "B" or also with the entire name in large letters stamped in relief in the vehicle undercarriage. The motto "Sign of Quality" can be found on many on the Bandai pieces.

As you can see with this model, this car is battery operated and after drving for a while, the hood lifts up automatically to reveal an engine! Complete with fan turning!

Another colour variation of this model.