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This site is dedicated to the classic Mercedes-Benz Heckflosse models of the 1960s.

The 4 door Heckflosse models were produced from 1959 until 1968, these are also called W110, W111 and W112 by Mercedes-Benz. They were known to the public as 190, 190D, 220, 220S, 220SE, 300 SE and 300SE LWB (Long Wheel Base), after 1965 they were replaced by the 200, 200D, 230 and 230S. The 220 SE was replaced by the 250SE (W108), the 300 SE and SE LWB by the new W108 and W109 300 models.

2 door models were produced from 1961 until 1971, these are also called W111 and W112 by Mercedes-Benz. They were known to the public as 220SE, 250SE, 300 SE, 280SE and 280SE 3,5 Coup頡nd Convertible. Mercedes didn't really had a suitable
successor for the 2 door models, you might mention the SLC models as successor of the 2 door models..

Why the name Heckflosse ?

You might have heard that some cars are known under a nickname. Well, the name Heckflosse, or Fintail in English speaking countries, is just a nickname given to this type of Mercedes. Because these cars show American influences, in this case the little 'fins' on their back (though in comparison with the ones found on the Americans these fins are barely noticeable), people started calling them Heckflossen. It must be said that the name is not officialy given by Mercedes-Benz. The word Heckflosse is simply the German translation of the word Fintail, 'Heck' means 'tail' and 'flosse' means 'fin'

The 2 door models can't really deserve the nickname Heckflosse because the Coup鳠and Convertibles
lack the prominent 'fins' on the rear but they do share some mechanical elements with their 4 door sedan brothers and sisters so that's why they are welcome here on The Heckflosse Homepage.
The name Heckflosse is mostly used in Germany but also in my own country: the Netherlands. That's my flag !
Other nicknames include variations on the Fintail name like : the 'Finny generation' or 'Finbacks'. In my own country, the name 'staartvin' is sometimes used to describe these cars. Again here, the name 'staartvin' is just a translation of the name Heckflosse.

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Short stories with topics from rally victories to 1960s Mercedes Benz events. Pay your last respects on the Fintail Graveyard ! CAUTION: people with heart problems should not view this page, far too distressing! The complete story of all the Heckflossen. Everything you need to know ! Links to anything that is of use to the Heckflosse enthusiast ! Heckflosse books and videos. a Mailing List for all Heckflosse enthusiasts, ask anything you like here ! Customize your pc with your very own Heckflosse wallpaper ! Heckflosse modelcars as far as the eye can see!
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