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Schuco Piccolo

Established in 1912 at Rohn Street 10 by Heinrich Schreyer and Heinrich Mueller, a former and very valued pattern maker of the Bing company, Schuco develops, despite considerably difficult political circumstances and economic conditions, into one of the great international names in the toy business: for, among others, the Turning Automobile and the Commando Automobile. Schuco can also maintain its position after the Second World war.
Like other large agents, Schuco also experiences difficult periods: in 1976, the company declares bankruptcy. The English concern DCM acquires the remaining assets, but responds, however, extremely unhappily and sells what still remains to the Mangold Group (see Gama). There ambitious efforts are made to breathe new life into the most traditional brand name next to Märklin. Schuco manages this new beginning, at first with replicas, later with remarkable new developments. All Schuco products are clearly identified: Made in Germany (pre-war), Made in US-zone (immediately after the war), Made in Western Germany (from the end of the fifties).

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In later years Schuco re-issued the earlier Piccolo models but they made sure that collectors were protected from people who wanted to sell the new models as original models. Below you see the difference between an original model on the left versus a later re-issue on the right. Below the 'Mercedes 220S' you can see on the red cars stated: "Made in Western Germany', the copy on the right clearly states: 'Replica'.