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Brekina 200

Founded in 1979, Brekina started production of their detailed 1/87 oldtimer models in 1980. According to Brekina, the 'Brekina' name comes from BREisgau (place where the company is seated), KInzigtal (place where the models were made) and NAturgetreu (accurate), but it can hardly be coincidental that the companyname can als be made from the first letters of the founders names, BReitenbach, KIessling and NAnn.

The 190 types and 200 types are easily found, they were made in large numbers in different editions, colours, prints etc. etc. Personally I think it must be almost impossible to collect all of the Brekina models but that's part of the fun of collecting isn't it?


Below you can see that Brekina made some work changing the 190 models into 200. The blinker lights mounted on the front wings of the white 190 model are gone, they now are placed beneath the headlights just like all 200, 200D and 230 models have in real life (see red car). In the photo on the right you can see that on the rear of the car, the rear lights of the red car (200) are much straighter than on the white car (190) plus the 200 model clearly has a '200' badge.