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Schuco/Nutz Micro-Racer

The Schuco name alone is well known for their many toy products. Schuco even came up with no less than two Heckflosse models: the Micro-Racer and the Mirako-Car, both looking the same at first glance but they do have some differences. Above here you can see one of the more common models: the MicroRacer, a car you could wind up and by releasing a lever, the car would spin off. The large turn knob at the end of the car allows for steering. This mechanism can be found with many other body shells. The white/red car above is an original model from the 1960s, the black/white model on the left below is al later re-issue of the same model. The model on the right is another re-issue but this time by the maker Nutz. The Nutz Firm Werner Nutz (Spiel-Nutz) re(produced) in the middle of the 1980s several of these Micro-Racers on condition that the name Schuco was to be deleted from the box and the base plate of the model, hence the black strips you can see on the right box. After the death of sir Nutz these models were sold to the American company Lilliput who contuined producing these models.

All models can be found in other colour variations.




Besides producing ready made models, Nutz also produced an edition where you could your Micro-Racer yourself, note that they even included a screwdriver.